Darts Singles League

At Kennys we offer individual darts players to try their skills against others by competing within the Kennys Singles Dart League.

The league games are played at Kennys Sports Bar on a Thursday evening each week.

Thursday Night singles darts league rules


1:501 straight start best of four.

2:The Oche shall be 7ft 6 inches

3:The board shall be 5ft 8ins high from the floor

4:The matches will start at 20:30 on a Thursday evening

5:If a dart is resting on another dart the point must be touching the board for the points to count

6:If the marker makes a mistake with the score the effected players opponent must inform the marker before he or she throws there next dart or the score will stand

7:The league allows male and female entrants

8:The season will be locked after week 3, any players wanting to join after the start of the season must enter before week 4.

9:Any player withdrawing after week 1 will not be entitled to there £5 back

10:Under 18 years old players are allowed in the league (subject to Kennys approval)

11:two points for a win, one point for a draw

12:Away player bulls first (this is the player on the right of the fixtures)

13:Winner of the bull goes first in round one and round three

14:Absence due to Illness and Holidays will play a double game the week after

15:The league is played weekly

16:Players play each other once (to be looked at in the future)

17:£5 entry per player and £1 a week to play

18:We are a none profit making league all monies paid in are paid out in prizes at the end of the season.

19:Top four enter the payoffs

20:1st place player plays 3rd place player, 2nd place player plays 4th place player.

21:If any of the top four placed players are drawing at the end of the season they will play head to head for a place in the finals.

League Table

Players with scores of 180’s

Players with Highest Finishes